KliuCork® - Acoustic

Solutions to problems with noise in homes, schools, industry, common areas, residences, etc.

Acoustic protection on metal surfaces

Its superb adherence and elasticity allow it to be sprayed on all kinds of surfaces.

Kliucork® on acoustic panels

Improve the absorption and colour of acoustic panels by spraying them with Kliucork®.

Kliucork® Insulation

High level of acoustic insulation, for transmission, resonance and impact.

Acoustic insulation on terraces, façades, patios, party walls, etc.

A professional solution to noise caused by transmission, resonance and impact.

Acoustic insulation?

Our product Kliucork improves your acoustic insulation by -30db.

Is there any guarantee?

Our commitment: a 10-year guarantee for the supplied product, KliuCork Professional Spray Cork.

What colours can be applied?

There are more than 40 colours on our current list. But we continue to develop new ones.

How can I request a quote?

Contact our Technical/Sales Department.

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