Encapsulate fibre cement - asbestos

Solve one of the most important problems of the construction sector.

Encapsulated forever

Solution for a serious environmental and health problem.

High protection of its environment


Maximum adherence

Maximum adherence and coverage guarantee a long-lasting encapsulation.

Encapsulation of roofs, walls, tanks, pipes, chimneys, etc.

Solution to asbestos, fibre cement, etc.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a fibrous material with exceptional properties: it does not burn, it is resistant to high and low temperatures, it is resistant to acids, electrical currents and weathering agents. All of this together with its low price meant that between the 1960s and 80s it was used in most buildings, renovations, roofs, and industrial warehouses. Its sale and use were prohibited in Spain in 2001.

What should be done if asbestos is found in your home or renovation?

First of all, all work must stop without touching the material. Contact a company that can provide a solution: in this case, Kliucork will inspect the material before cleaning and prepare the material with water, at a pressure that does not deteriorate it. Next, it will apply a highly adhesive and penetrating fastener which will be the first layer of the encapsulation, then it will spray on the cork in layers that guarantee a complete seal on the inside and outside of the asbestos.

Why is it dangerous?

Due to its structure, over time and with the deterioration of the asbestos, small fibres are released into the air which can be inhaled and absorbed when we breathe.

What illnesses does it cause?

Once the fibres enter our lungs they can cause three known diseases: pleural plaques: the fibres in our lungs calcify and can cause pleural cancer. Cancer: this cancer develops in the lung pleurae; it is the worst of them all as there is no cure and it is often quick. Asbestosis: the fibres tear the lung tissue leaving scars that cause a reduction in the oxygen absorption capacity and, consequently, respiratory failure. There is no cure.

After encapsulation, what benefits do we gain?

Apart from a completely airtight seal, the surface will also have a substantial improvement in its thermal and acoustic insulation. Another feature is the waterproofing of the sprayed surface. Aesthetically, the improvement is great, leaving a clean, uniform surface in the desired colour.

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