Kliucork® - Fire resistant

Protection of façades, terraces, patios, party walls, structures, walls, dropped ceilings, roofs, etc.

High capacity for self-extinguishing

When it comes into contact with fire, the flame cannot spread.

Fire resistant property

Applying Kliucork® to construction materials makes them fire resistant.

They do not transmit heat

One of the properties of a fire resistant material is that it cannot transmit high temperatures.

Structures - Sectioning

Fire resistant materials applied to structures (mortars) as well as installed as sections or used to compartmentalise (sealing of installation channels, partitions or panelling).

Fire resistant benefits

It delays the consequences of fire, giving time for people to be evacuated, firefighting teams to enter and for the fire to be extinguished.

Safety with Kliucork®

The application of a fire resistant system to certain structures allows them to have a certain fire resistant factor.

Fire resistant materials in structures, enclosures, sectioning, etc.

A professional solution to problems with materials that easily spread heat and fire.

What is a fire resistant material?

Fire resistance is the characteristic of a type of construction or material that is resistant to heat and fire.

Is there any guarantee?

Our commitment: a 10-year guarantee for the supplied product, KliuCork Professional Spray Cork.

What colours can be applied?

There are more than 40 colours on our current list. But we continue to develop new ones.

How can I request a quote?

Contact our Technical/Sales Department.

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