Professional Solutions

Protection of façades, terraces, patios, party walls, structures, walls, dropped ceilings, roofs, etc.

Maximum adherence to surfaces

Its superb adherence and elasticity allow it to be sprayed on all kinds of surfaces.

Goodbye to damp, leaks, mould, etc.

Kliucork® does not rot, grow mould or cause damp. Maximum health for your environment.
Alcornoque Corcho

KliuCork® colour chart

Extensive list of colours that combine with natural environments.

Waterproofing, terraces, façades, patios, party walls, etc.

A professional solution to damp, leaks, mould, deterioration, flaking, aging, etc.

How can Kliucork solve damp problems?

It solves problems with damp by increasing the breathability (condensation and capillarity). Mould and saltpetre problems are solved.

How does it waterproof?

Thanks to its components and its waterproofing base, its great coverage capacity guarantees there will be no problems with leaks, drips, etc.

Is there any guarantee?

Our commitment: a 10-year guarantee for the supplied product, KliuCork® Professional Spray Cork.

What colours can be applied?

We currently have more than 40 colours. However, our R&D Department continues to develop new options.

How can I request a quote?

Request your quote through our network of applicators. If you are a professional, contact our Technical Department.

How long does it take to spray?

Once the surface that is to be sprayed is cleaned and repaired, depending on the metres, the surface will be sprayed with Kliucork® in just a few days.